Monday, 27 June 2011

Woolfest 2011 part 2

I got everything packed into the trailer and left for Woolfest at 10.30am on Thursday morning, I got no further than Guisborough when the left indicator on the trailer decided not to work. I checked everything I could, rang Tim, who arrived 1/2 hour later with spare bulbs and screwdriver. The bulb had blown, so once replaced I was on my way. I finally arrived at Cockermouth around 2.30pm and with the help of Mark and Frealyn, put my tent up in record time before it started to rain.
By this time it was 3pm and all the stallholders were allowed into the Auction Mart to start setting up our stalls. Thanks to Tracey and Christine I'd everything set up and displayed in a couple of hours.

These are 2 photos I took of my stall and as you can see, it's pretty well packed out with fibre and this does not include the 4 boxes of fibre I left at home!!!!! I'm getting close to wanting a double stand now, but I'm not sure if the cost would be worth it!
Woolfest as always is a show of 2 halves. Friday is the day the serious spinners/weavers/felters come. They are the ones that go round the stalls with their catalogues marking the ones they want to come back to. This is the day most stallholders say they take the most money. Saturday is the day when the coach parties arrive, with some no more serious fiber people than on the Friday, but it seems they are more lookers than spenders. But I find that my takings for both days are about the same and working out how much fibre I'd sold, it equated to around 38kgs!!!
The journey home was uneventful, despite the heavy rain, it took me just under 3 hours to get home. I decided to leave everything in the trailer and we unpacked everything on Sunday in the very humid heat, including putting up my tent to fully dry it out.
But the tent is now packed away for next year's fibre festivals. I'm hoping to go to both Wonderwool in Wales and Woolfest in 2012.

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