Monday, 30 August 2010

Typical Bank Holiday weather

Apart from Saturday morning the weather has not been good. Wet and very windy. It has given me the opportunity to get up to date with some paperwork and get a couple of online orders ready to send off tomorrow morning.
Thankfully we've got our straw in for the winter, though Tim had a frantic job getting an area ready for the straw to be stored in. We have a "bump out" at the front of the main barn, which had a side gate/door, which rattled constantly when it was windy. One day Tim was walking passed the gate with a screwdriver and screw in his hand, and he fastened it shut. Once it was fastened, we realised how little we used this gate, so now it's been removed and new sheets put in it's place. It's made a great storage area for about 100 bales of straw and as far as Holly is concerned a great place to go cat hunting.
My chickens are now in the veg plot and the other day I let them out to wander around the veg plot whilst I was doing some weeding. It's amazing how quickly the chickens came round me to pick up the weed seeds. I had to be very careful digging over the ground with my fork. They took a little bit of persuading to go back into their hut!!!
The veg is very hit and miss this year, the potatoes are proving to be very productive, so are the winter onions, but the summer ones are a little small. The parsnips and beetroot very hit and miss, but the sprouts, cabbages and purple sprouting broccoli are growing great guns. The tomatoes are starting to ripen in the greenhouse and so much more tastier than shop bought ones.
This coming week I'm booked to sit at the Employment Tribunal for a several days. Will be interesting to see how many days I actually days I do work.

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