Sunday, 1 August 2010

Some knitting

This is a sample blanket using the Domino technique for knitting squares. You don't have to stitch any of the squares together, you knit them. It's great fun and so effective, especially using a multi coloured knitting yarn. The yarn I've been using is one called Flora and was created by my friend Freyalyn.
These are 2 knitted bags, which when you are knitting them look like a bra for a lady with 3 boobs!!!!!!
And finally, these are the socks that I knitted from the wool I bought at Woolfest. Sock knitting is something that I've avoided for years having had to knit a pair for my Brownie's, or was it my Guide's, knitting badge!!! Which ever it was, it was torture and it has taken my nearly 40 years to attempt another pair. These I enjoyed knitting and I will be knitting some more as Tim has requested a pair!!!

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alifelesssimple said...

I love the blanket, and the socks. Hehe, I am still to manage to knit a pair of socks, or even one but I aim to one day