Sunday, 25 July 2010

Our not so silent lambs!!!

Last weekend we weaned the lambs. This involved bringing all the ewes and lambs into the roofless barn, which they did with very little trouble. But then this was when the "fun" started! We had decided that whilst we had everyone penned up, it would be a good idea to not only worm everyone, but also check feet. This year we seemed to have one of two of the sheep with the startings of Foot Rot, which is not nice. So anyone with the slightest signs of redness or anything else unusual between their toes was given a shot of long acting antibiotics and their feet a good squirt of Bactokil.
The lambs have been split into two groups, ewes and tups/fat lambs and are now residing in two separate fields on the Common Land. It took the lambs 2 days before they stopped calling for their mums. As usual Missy's son was the last to stop bleating a good day after everyone else!
The ewes have spent the last week in a paddock, which had not a lot grass in it, to help them "dry up", and today we've put them onto some much better grazing so that they can start to put back on the weight they have lost through feeding their lambs.
Tim has spent the week framing the final side of the barn. He just needs to sort out the remaining wall sheets to see if they are of any use, as this side of the barn gets the worst of the weather, then he can finally put the roof back on!

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Freyalyn said...

Yay, a roofed barn! You've certainly been busy.