Monday, 26 October 2009

Textile Day at Danby Village Hall

Sunday, was the day that the Textile Open Day at Danby Village Hall, Danby, that Phillippa and I had organised together happened.
We've been arranging this since the end of Woolfest, the idea being we used local Textile workers, as there is nothing like this event in this neck of the woods. We've contacted all the local Weaving and Spinners guilds within a 100 mile radius, the local W.Is, local radio, newspapers and T.V, as well as posters given to local Tourist Information Offices, libraries and put up in any other interested place we could think of.
4 other stallholders attended, making 6 different stalls in the hall. Phillippa put on a Natural Dying

Display down the middle of the hall.
11am arrived and the first people started coming through the door. We'd put in our publicity suggesting that spinners bring their wheels for a "Spin In", which some did and several ladies spent a very productive afternoon spinning their newly purchased fibre.
All day there was a steady stream of visitors and it only became quiet around 3pm, and during that last hour I was able to get some spinning of my own done.
We were asked several times if we were going to "do this event again? and if so when?" Well the answer is that "Yes" we will be doing this event again, all who had a stall agreed it was well worth the effort and there are some mutterings of doing it twice, one early in the season (April/May) and the other around the same time as now.
I always manage to forget something and this time it was my business cards!!! Normally I'm hardly ever asked for one as my details are on all my fibre labels, but yesterday, because we were local, everyone wanted one!!!!!! Good job I had some spare fibre band labels that I could hand out!!!!!
Photos are the 2 sides of my stall, showing the range of fibres that I now sell.


Freyalyn said...

Looks extremely good! Glad it went well for you.

Alison said...

Hi, Denise! I wanted to drop by and say how much I enjoyed the event. I don't know if you remember me - I was the very tall lass with her parents who had seen the flyer at Woolfest and who bought a bunch of tussah roving... I brought a drop spindle along (wheels being a bit of a whatsit to transport up from Cambridge), but was too shy to get it out and spin!
I *would* potentially be interested in having a stall at a future event, though. Though I live far south now, I hope to be back in the moors before too many years pass. My folks all still live in the area, (some in Lealholm, in fact), and I'd definitely be willing to make the effort to bring stuff up for the weekend...

Denise said...

Hi Alison
Can you email me at and I will let you know about Danby etc. Glad you enjoyed yourself