Saturday, 3 October 2009

Moor Fires close to home

Tonight we are sat waiting to see when the fire of the moor is finally put out. We expect moor fires in the summer, but not in the Autumn. No one is sure how it started, but all the fire engines for North Yorkshire are here and the main road is closed. The moor is so dry and if the fire gets into the peat, it is nearly impossible to put out.
We went to the Hill lamb sale this morning and half way through the auction the auctioneer advised that the Moor Road was closed as there was a moor fire at Danby. You can imagine the conversations that were going around the auction ring from then on, as most of the farmers had brought their sheep from this moor to the sale. When we got home we could smell and see the smoke and all afternoon the smoke has been drifting across our land, and these high winds are not helping the situation. At tea time we could see the head of the fire in the distance, not a very comforting sight I can tell you. Hopefully no one will be hurt and no animals will be lost.

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