Sunday, 20 July 2008

Unhappy lambs and shearing

With the shearer calling today, we've been watching the weather to ensure that the sheep are kept dry. Well on Friday the forecast for Saturday was thunder storms, with Sunday being fine and dry. So we decided to bring the ewes into the barn to keep them dry, the lads, if their fleeces were still wet on Sunday, drying them is no great deal.
With bringing the ewes and lambs in we decided to split the lambs from their respective mums. First to be separated out were the ewe lambs and put in to the field on the common land, we then separated the ram lambs off and put them into the small paddock by the back field. Initially the ewes were the ones who were complaining loudly in the barn because their lambs were not with them, then as the evening progressed the lambs started to bleat as they realised they could not get to their mums. The complaining wiii continue for the next few days and by next week all will be peace and quiet.
Today our shearer arrived bright and early and he started on the ewes. Tim was catching the sheep for him and I was wrapping. Thankfully our shearer doesn't shear the sheep at 30 sheep an hour, so wrapping the fleeces for me was not a hurried job. Half way through the ewes, the sky started to cloud over, so Tim created a second pen to bring the lads into and as Dougal fights with Hector, he was sheared and put out almost straight away.
By 1 0'clock all the sheep were sheared, there were only 4 fleeces that were no good to keep. The ewes are in a field near the barn, Hector, Charlie, Archie and Charlie are back in the top field, with Dougal, Alex and Angus grazing in the small paddock by the new hedge.
Later this afternoon some friends from Wakefield visited so we had a good excuse to sit and catch up with the news and have a leisurely tea a nice end to a hectic day.
Next week Kiera Dog and the Resident Vandal arrive as do The Hobbits.

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