Sunday, 27 July 2008

All is safely gathered in............

The Resident Vandal arrived on Wednesday to do some more work on his tractor and 2 very excited Hobbits arrived on Friday night. The original plan was that Resident Vandal was to go home early Saturday morning, but a phone call on Tuesday to say that our hay was being cut that day and probably baled Friday or Saturday, meant we could do with as much help as possible to collect and store 250 bales of hay.
The series of phone calls re the hay went something like this.........
Tuesday - Call to say that the hay was being cut and should be ready on Friday
Thursday - Call to say that the hay would baled over the weekend as a sea fret had settled and the hay had not dried as much as it should have.
Friday - Call to say the baler had broken and they didn't know if the hay would be baled this weekend and as it was predicted rain on Saturday, it would be Monday before the hay would be ready.
Just put the phone down when we got a second call to say that a second baler had arrived and they were baling the hay now.
So on Saturday morning we took the trailer to go and pick up the hay. It was a hot morning, I had the hobbits in my car, Tim and the Resident Vandal in the truck. Getting to the hay was not a problem, but getting out was as the hay field was quite steep and despite the drying sun the grass was still slightly wet and with the weight of the hay on the trailer the truck struggled to get up the steep field, not being able to get a run at the slope, thankfully there was another gate, but with a very tight swing. Anyway with a little bit of manoeuvring Tim managed to get out. The hobbits had a great time rolling down the hill whilst we stacked the hay. It took 3 loads to get all the hay we needed, but after the 2nd load, the hobbits were absolutely exhausted partly due to the heat and all the running up and rolling down the field, so only Tim and the Resident Vandal did the final load. Though the hay smells wonderful, it has not been baled particularly well. They vary in size, weight and compactness, making it quite difficult to pack well in the barn. We think we will have to pitch fork the hay into the feeders during the winter. We will see what happens. Today a very tired Resident Vandal and Kiera dog went home and we took the Hobbits to the Huby and Sutton show near York, to hand them back to my sister and brother in law. We had a great time wondering around the show, despite the heat, and the hobbits appear to have had a great time with us, even if they did sleep for over 12 hours last night, 2 tired little boys......
So tonight as I write this blog all is quite here on the farm, the lambs had stopped calling for their mum, Deefa and Holly are crashed on the sofa, as well as Tim. Hay is not good for his asthma!!!
Nothing much is planned for the coming week, it will depend on the weather, it supposed to rain again on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!

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