Sunday, 24 February 2008

It's been one of those weeks......

It started on Monday when my car wouldn't start. Turns out that some contaminated petrol has got into my tank and as a result a new fuel pump, new petrol tank and possible new fuel injectors are required. Part of the work is covered under warranty, but I'm hoping the rest is covered under insurance. We wait and see, my bank account has gone into shock!!!!.
The Resident Vandal and Kiera dog arrived Monday afternoon. On the drive over here they had diverted to Skipton to pick up a radiator for the Nuffield. Fitting this radiator was one of the jobs that didn't get done this week.
By Tuesday, Tim was starting to come down with the cold the eldest Hobbit had given him so after taking my car to the garage, not much of the day was left
Wednesday, Tim had very little or no voice, a really bad cough and no energy. Though he and RV managed to find and repair the petrol leak on the generator and finished moving the hay into the main barn.
Thursday, Tim had no voice, he sounded like Beeka from the Muppet show. He and RV got the sheep handling system set up, the plan being to give the ewes their finally check over before we start lambing, along with the routine worming and heptovac injections and mineral dose.
Friday - we had gale force winds, so very little work was done outside, but the "bits" for our computer arrived, so RV built it up for us. He then had to dash home, a family crisis.
So that was the week gone.
The weekend has been a quiet one, we didn't give the ewes the once over, we will have to do that next week, though I did manage to dig the last of the old rasp canes out of my veg garden and move the black current bush, but with the strong winds, you can only stay outside in it for so long.
So how are the animals - well the ewes are looking well, now they are in the last month of their pregnancies, we are starting to feed them twice a day, topping them up so they stay fit and well before they give birth, but not too much so that they have problems giving birth to large lambs. Hector and Charlie and their little gang are just the same as ever. Looks like Hector could be growing his lost horn back.
Dougal and Lotty are eating the grass down in their paddock. The winter so far has been kind to Lotty, she's not put anymore weight on, but she's not lost any which is a bonus.
Ghilli & Grommet, our two remaining alpacas, love watching the sheep, grazing in such a way that they know exactly where all the sheep are.
Hopefully next week Tim will be over his cold and somewhere near to his old self again as we are hedge laying again on Saturday.

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