Sunday, 17 February 2008

A busy weekend with the Hobbits

We picked the Hobbits up on Friday night, they were very excited and so on the drive home we were subject to a 1001+ questions. After refuelling with some of Tim's stew they were raring to go again. Thankfully their batteries ran down about 9pm and they were soon asleep.
Saturday morning they were up and about early, helped walk the dogs, feed the sheep and all at 100 miles an hour. After lunch a friend arrived to buy 1/2 a lamb for his freezer, so the Hobbits had to show him all the animals and their tree house. Thankfully the weather was sunny, so it was a pleasure to be out and about. Tea was the usual fish and chips in Whitby, though for the youngest Hobbit, tiredness was starting to kick in. But after an early night he was fine.
Sunday morning, between the dogs and the Hobbits a late start was out of the questions, so after their usual breakfast of cereal and toast, a short walk for the dogs followed by a run in the back field, and after feeding the sheep, they helped Tim move bales of hay, pushing balesdown from the top of the stack for Tim to pick up at the bottom. Between them they moved 50+ bales of hay. Come lunch time their batteries had finally run down and I suspect they will have slept in the car on the way home. After the Hobbits had left both Holly and Deefa crashed out on their respective sofas building up their energy for the arrival of Kiera dog and the Resident Vandal tomorrow.
The weather this week has been frosty to start with but then the sun has got out, it's been a real pleasure to be out and about, it's set to continue like this for the next few days, but then predictably it's supposed to snow!!! We'll wait and see what happens.
No doubt with the Resident Vandal here for the week there will be lots to tell you next week!!!

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