Sunday, 9 December 2007

Hedge laying and Snow

As you know we were hedge laying this weekend, well watching the weather forecast, it didn't look good. But yesterday morning it was sunny, slightly windy and not a cloud in the sky. We made a good start, and after a couple of hours, the wind suddenly became very cold and switched round to blowing in from the North, that could only mean one thing Snow. Sure enough an hour later snow started to fall. We worked on as long as we could, but the bank sides were getting very slippy and it was starting to become too dangerous to work. So we had to pack in at around 1 o'clock. we'd managed to lay about 6 metres of hedge, not bad all things considered.
This morning the sun was shining, hardly any wind. A perfect day to do some more hedge laying. This was after we decided to cut the dog's walk short because neither of us is very good at skating on black ice in wellingtons!!!! Maybe we should suggest it as a new sport for the Olympics.
Dave, the ferret man, came to visit us today. He's been up a couple of nights to shoot our expanding rabbit population, but today decided to go in with the ferrets. Part of our rabbit problem comes from our neighbours, where the warrens are, thankfully they have agreed that Dave can go onto their land and work the warrens. Hopefully this will keep the little blighters down. After a couple of hours, he'd got 4 rabbits, so he wasn't too disappointed.
We got on with some hedge laying, but just as one of our friends, John, arrived Tim was pulling out some of the loose branches, when one flicked back and caught him in the eye. It's very red and sore, but we think that his contact lens took most of the damage. The next couple of days will tell. So we didn't get a great deal of hedge laying done today.
John came bearing gifts, Tim's birthday present, and Christmas presents for us both. He's been in Spain for a few weeks on holiday, so he's feeling the cold.
Talking of the cold, the wind around these parts is very lazy. It refuses to blow round you, it goes straight through you. So the thermals have come out in an attempt to keep us warm whilst out working on the smallholding.
The ram's had their raddle colours changed for the last time. Hector's ladies are all covered, but Charlie is now just starting to cover the Wiltshire ewes, to that end he subjected the hedge laying gang to some "sheep porn"!!!!! He obviously likes an audience!!!! We will leave the rams in with their respective harems until Christmas and then they will be moved back in with the weathers. Any of the Wiltshire ewes that are not covered are obviously not ready yet and it's a chance you take when putting this year's ewes to the ram. The next couple of weeks will tell.
More next week.

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