Thursday, 27 December 2007

Fencing, a bad back, parties abd the dogs get showered

Christmas Day was mild so we took the opportunity to get on with some jobs. Most of the sheep wanted hay, but as the weather is mild again, they are going through a bale every 2 days, instead of daily. Tim finished off fencing the wooded area, so all he needs to do is fit the small gate (which arrived on Christmas eve) and it's finished. I know that there are quite a few daffodil and snowdrop bulbs in this area, so as I see them I'm going to move them to where the sheep can't damage them.
I made a start on digging over my small veg area. I've an area 18ft x 2ft and now have 12 feed bags full of weeds. So I will have to have a visit to the tip and put it all in the composting skip. It took most of the day and by 3 o'clock it was starting to get cold and the light was starting to fade.
Christmas dinner (eaten in the evening) was a nice piece of beef. If you've read the earlier blogs you will know that our Christmas Goose was eaten by a fox 2 weeks ago!!!!!
Boxing Day, we went to watch the start of one of our local hunts, followed by a quick trip into Whitby, unfortunately, Tim's back has seized up so getting in and out of the car is not easy.
We'd been invited to Open House at our neighbours, which I went to, but because of Tim's back he decided to stay at home, he could not get comfy. He didn't miss out as Debbie (who's party it was) has lent Tim one of these wheat filled heat pads, that you heat up in the microwave. When I went to take him some food, he was moving a lot better and after he'd eaten his tea joined the party. He's certainly moving a lot better today.
This morning, after feeding up, which isn't taking very long with the two of us. I do the concentrates, Tim fills the hay racks, another quick visit into Whitby to get some food for the Faith Supper that we are going to tonight. So in between visitors, giving the house a quick hoover, I've been cooking 150 mini sausage rolls. Hopefully they will go down O.K.
I also decided that both dogs needed a shower, Deefa is decidedly filthy and you can't give him a shower without giving Holly one. Thankfully they will both go into the shower no bother and stand there whilst I give them a shampoo and wash. They also don't shake themselves, until I've got a towel to cover them with!!!! Deefa, the big softy, won't come out of the shower room unless he's got a towel wrapped round him!!! he'll them go and sit by the aga to dry. His fur goes all soft and crinkly!!!!! Holly goes for the unbrushed look!!!!
Tomorrow my sister and family arrive for lunch, we've still got some of the Hobbit's Christmas presents here, so that should be good fun.
Hope you all had the type of Christmas you all wanted!!!!!

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