Monday, 5 November 2007

So how did we spend our 30th Wedding Anniversary..

Holly went to visit her doggie hairdresser, Anne. Holly now has much shorter fur, and when she is wearing her harness, she looks "a very hard dog." This haircut will, hopefully, last her now until the new year.
Lottie had a visit from the vet, Liz, and she confirmed what we already knew. Lottie is now quite old, and though everything is working reasonably O.K, there are times when her digestive system doesn't. So another course of 'botics for her and we will be watching her weight and if she looses much more weight (size zero is not good for a sheep) we will have to make that awful decision of when to send her to the "big sheep field in the sky". A friend wants some sheep to keep a paddock short (sheep lawn mowers) and we were hoping to send Lottie with her sister Lucy along with Winky, but we will now be keeping Lottie at home.
Paul, from the NFU called, to help us sort out Tim's pension. It was an interesting chat and at long last we got answers to our many questions.
We also had a visit from the Animal Movements people, we were in breach of the 20 day standstill during the Foot and Mouth restrictions, but it turned out that they had forgotten the 20 day standstill was rescinded for 5 days, between the 2 outbreaks, and we like a lot of people, took full use of the opportunity. Anyway everything is O.K, movement books, medicine books and feed records.
We had the Wild Duck we were given yesterday and very tasty it was too. Tim got the old sleepers cut up for use with the tractor to dig the ditch and I emptied and moved the 2 compost bins that were going to be in the way of the fencing in the veg plot.
Finally one of the ewes in Hector's field has a "yellow bum". So the ram score today is Hector 1 Charlie Nil.
More at the weekend

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