Sunday, 11 November 2007

Cold Weather and flood warnings

Well the mild weather ended with the arrival of high winds from the North and for Sandsend, 4 miles away, severe flood warnings, and for one car driver, finding their car parked on a wall at the side of the newsagents!!!!!! Though the winds rattled around the barns and out buildings, there was no damage. But today we had our first fall of snow and hailstones!!!!!!
Yesterday we delivered Lucy and Winky to Lonnin Alpacas to act as lawn mowers. They loved being in the paddocks with the young male alpacas and there are chickens to watch. We were hoping that Lottie would be going with them, but as you know her health is not brilliant, and to expect someone else to keep an eye on her is not good and does nothing for "customer relations". We also delivered out only ram lamb to his new owner, Beryl, who is a great hand spinner and wants a new fibre type added to her flock of fibre sheep. He's in for a fun time.
Before we delivered the ram lamb. we weighed all the male lambs, interestingly the only full ram lamb we have weighed the most (76kgs). So this has further confirmed that next year we will not be castrating the ram lambs, also we've been asked if we have any ram lambs for sale, as it is known that our young rams seem to add not only fibre, but at 6 months of age, their male off spring achieve a good weight for a meat.
Hector and Charlie, our two rams, have being enjoying themselves over the last week. Hector has covered a ewe everyday since last weekend, which is great for us come 1st April as we will be dealing with one ewe a day. Charlie decided to go mad this weekend and covered 3 girls in one night and not to be out done so did Hector, so it looks like we will have a busy time around the 5th April. The crayons on Charlie's harness are not working very well so we tried to get some new ones!!! No luck, we had to get him a new harness, but this was so easy to fit, we will get one for Hector next week when we change his raddle colour.
We picked up our finally load of wood from our neighbours at the Land O Nod farm, now all we need to do is chop all the wood we have, but the log splitter we have, the switch on it has decided to stay switched on, so you have to switch it off at the wall. A real pain!!! Repairs and a service are required. Hopefully we won't have to buy a new one. This week will tell.
More next week...........

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