Sunday, 17 June 2007

Wet week reeks havoc with weekend plans

We should have sheared the sheep on Saturday, but after 24 hours of constant rain following a week of mist and drizzle meant the sheep were wearing soggy wooly jumpers, not a pleasent prospect for shearing, just after shearing one wet sheep your legs are soaking wet and the idea of another 28 to do is not fun. Also wet fleeces can't be wrapped and stored and where do you dry 29 very wet fleeces!!!!!!! So instead of shearing Denise spent the day getting to grips with a new accounting software package and Tim put a new roof ridge on the shed where Hissing Sid and Lady Friend live.
Hissing Sid and Lady Friend are settling in we are seeing them more and more over the last week. Lady Friend sits and waits for Tim to put the food in te bowl for her, Hissing Sid is risking life and limb eating our other cat, Garyling's food!!!!!! You stroke Grayling and then check you still have all of your fingers.
Saturday night we were invited to our local feed merchant's retirement party, it was a great night, especially when his and his daughter's dog (Fallon & Abbi) worked the tables for scraps. Needless to say we were a soft touch and gave them something!!!!!
Today, Sunday, our smallholder friends from Teesdale were to visit, mainly to look round and catch up with the gossip, but also to select 2 or 3 lambs as payment for helping sell Dan our male alpaca cria a couple of months ago. But a case of fly strike in their pedigree Teeswater flock meant they had to cancel so they could shear all their sheep and spray the lambs against fly strike, they also have had 2 lambs die for reasons unknown, so life is a little rough for them at the moment. They will be speaking to their vet in the morning to see if she can cast any light on why the lambs have died. So we will rearrange a new date to meet.
So Tim took the opportunity to finally tidy his workshop, it actually has a concrete floor!!! Denise planted the rest of the hedge saplings and got the labels ready for the Alpaca fibre bags for Woolfest, and guess who ran out of plastic bags to put the fibre in!!!!! Panic order now done. Hopefully they will arrive over the next couple of days.
Hoping for a fine week, as Andrew the sheep shearer is booked in for Saturday to help Denise. Dry sheep a necessity. Will let your know how it goes next week

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