Monday, 11 June 2007

Northern Sheep - Wednesday 6th June

On Wednesday we spent the day at the National Sheep Show near Bishop Auckland. The day started cool and misty and when we arrived at the host farm, the choice of shorts and sandals worn by Denise, did seem a poor choice, though as the day progressed the weather got warmer so it was not a bad choice after all.
A first glance the show only looked as if it was all in one field, but going passed the farm house there were several large barns which held all the sheep societies and all sorts of suppliers specialising is sheep equipment.
We has arranged to meet some fellow smallholders and the plan was that we would ring them around lunch time to arrange meeting. Slight problem mobile phones did not work, or only intermittently, we did manage to have a disjointed phone call, but that was it, anyway we will be seeing them this coming weekend when they visit, so nothing is lost by it.
We did come away with a purchase, a sheep handling system, which we had seen a couple of years ago and had been imported from New Zealand, it is now being manufactured in this country and is a lot cheaper. Turns out that one of the reps is the son of our alpaca shearer and when he delivered the "sheep crush" the following day, he also brought Denise several bags of Alpaca fibre from his Dad as promised. Result all round.


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