Sunday, 14 April 2013

Where to find me this year

Yesterday we were at our regular Saltburn Farmer's Market and as I was setting up the stall I realised that I had the brochures for the shows I'm going to this year, but I haven't really told anyone what I'm doing. So here's the list:-
27th & 28th April - Wonderwool Wales
11th May - Saltburn Farmer's Market
18th May - Tynedale Guild Spinners Gathering, Stocksfield
8th June - Saltburn Farmer's Market
28th & 29th June - Woolfest, Cockermouth
13th July - Saltburn Farmer's Market
27th & 28th July - Fibre East, Bedfordshire
7th & 8th September - The British Wool Weekend, Harrogate
14th September - Saltburn Farmer's Market
28th & 29th September - Yarndale, Skipton
12th October - Saltburn Farmer's Market
9th November - Saltburn Farmer's Market
14th December - Saltburn Farmer's Market
As you can see we're pretty busy. I have been asked if we would consider doing other markets, but to be honest, I think less is more. You have to sell goods to the value of at least 3 times your stall fee and I feel that if we go to every market there is in the area, we won't take much more than by just doing the ones we are doing.
That aside, the sun shone for the first time in ages on Saturday, which makes for a more enjoyable market and it certainly brings the shoppers out, though it was a little slow to start off with. I think everyone was in shock at seeing the sun shining!!!! We had a good market, and I'm so glad that I'd ordered 3 dozen more yarn bowls from Jill (Wold Pottery) as I sold 5 on Saturday and there is no way just 6 yarn bowls will be sufficient for Wonderwool.
And for everyone who saw me knitting the hat, and I had run out of wool, and had started another colour, well guess what! I've pulled the hat back to the rib and I'm now knitting it in the two colours. Though I say so myself, it does look very effective the two colour honeycomb stitch, and yes, I bet you are all saying to yourselves "I just knew she would have to pull it out!"

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