Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Some of you will no doubt know by now that we are changing our trading name from Willo Alpacas to Willo Fibres at the start of the new tax year to better reflect what we now do. We'd been thinking about changing the name before we moved from our smallholding as a lot of people thought we just did Alpaca fibre and wool!!! Anyway I order 3000 new business cards, 1500 with a list of  the fibre we sell on the back and 1500 with out, so that I can put my own knitting wool labels on them.
So.... for the past 2 weeks I've been re-packing and re-labelling like mad as the first of this year's farmers markets at Saltburn is this coming Saturday.
The one thing about putting new business cards into the bags of fibre has enabled me to do, is to have a good sort out of what I've got, re-box some fibre and wool, photograph it and put it up for sale on my Folksy shop - www.folksy.com/shops/willofibre I've also finally sorted out the Fibre Store, so that I can now see all the boxes of fibre we have, and get to them easily. I've still got some wool and fibre to dye before Wonderwool at the end of April. But the Hobbits are here for a week at Easter so they can do some dyeing for me. I can't have them lounging about watching T.V. all day can I!!!! I've also lined up some lambing duties for them as well!
Here are some of my favourite fibres:-
Rainbow Merino Top
Bumblebee - Merino/Soybean/Bamboo

Hand Dyed Teeswater Top

B.F.L & Bamboo Hand Dyed Sock Yarn
We have workmen here for the next couple of days, new garage doors being fitted to the carport and garage and sliding wardrobes being fitted to the main bedroom, which once the plumber has been to fit the new central heating system, at the end of March, will become our bedroom. Once all that is done, we can really start on the decorating and hopefully work on the garden, weather permitting of course.

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