Sunday, 16 December 2012

Holly's Christmas Party

Well that wasn't quite what I had in mind when I invited our friends over for the weekend with their respective dogs, KD, Lunil and Bil, which meant, with our two dogs, we had 5 dogs in the house. It was Tim who christened this weekend Holly's Christmas Party, and oh boy, was she excited on Saturday morning, doing the "happy huff" she does and bouncing around, waiting for, her and Deefa's friends, (along with their staff of course) to arrive.
KD was the first to arrive on Saturday afternoon, and as we were blessed with mild weather, for once, all 3 of the dogs were running in and out of the house and playing chase around the garden. When Lunil and Bil arrived, around tea time, the whole chase thing happened again, and like any party with excited children, no one wanted to admit they were tired and settle down for the evening.
Tea was a joint of brisket, from our friend's Dexter herd, and 2 joints of our lamb, plus veg and Yorkshire puds. Evening entertainment was a DVD called Faintheart. If you like something silly and corny about people who do re-enactment, then this is a DVD for you.
Sunday, as always, was started with the traditional breakfast of Tim made sausage burgers, bacon, eggs, baked beans, tomatoes and toast.
After a quick walk down to Fairy Dell, we all went to Saltburn, to walk on the beach. Low tide was around 12.00, so arriving around mid morning meant we could have a good long walk, and today, it was so mild and warm down on the beach it was hard to believe we are only 2 weeks away from Christmas.

Lunil & Bil - playing with a stick

KD following Lunil & Bil into the sea

 The boy Deefa, affectionately known as Big D, taking a break from running around on the beach

and finally the party girl herself, Holly.
A great weekend with friends and dogs, which no doubt we will do again early next Year.

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