Sunday, 15 January 2012

Keeping New Year Resolutions

I don't normally make New Year Resolutions, but this year I've decided to list one or two things that I wanted to achieve at the start of this year. One of those things to do is to list all of the fibre that I have for sale on my Folksy and Etsy sites. Well I'm half way there to getting this achieved. All the photos are taken and all the Alpaca, Plant Fibre and some of the Merino Blended fibres are listed on both sites. So it may be worth taking a look.
My other resolution is to find more Farmer's Markets to attend and so far things are looking promising, though I won't know for certain for another couple of months, so fingers crossed that it all works out.
On the smallholding things are just ticking over, the hens are starting to lay and one of the young cockerels that I hatched is starting to get aggressive, so he will have to go. The sheep are looking well and we start lambing (Missy) on the 14th March, which isn't too far away and in another couple of weeks we will have to start upping the amount of feed concentrate we give them, which seems strange when there is so much grass around, but it's not very nutritious for a pregnant ewe.
We've also had a couple of house viewings this week, but not heard anything back. We know that if the couple who came in July can sell their house, then we are on the move, but until then we will keep showing people round. It's tiring as we like to keep everything neat and tidy, just in case we have a viewing. So if we start a job we have to get if finished as quickly as possible.

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