Sunday, 7 June 2009

A busy weekend

Despite the forecast for this weekend not being very good, we seemed to get an awful lot done. The tiler finished the kitchen and utility room on Friday, so on Saturday the tiles were given a final polish, the work surfaces given a good clean, and the aga serviced and re lit. The under stairs cupboard given it's finally coats to paint, just the floor to paint then everything can be put back.
As it had rained so hard most of Saturday, we were unsure if we would be able to vaccinate the lambs, but as the day wore on, the rain eased and the sun came out, the lambs finally dried out.
Early this morning Tim and Deefa moved the ewes and lambs into the barn so that the lambs could be vaccinated and given a "nice drink" of wormer. After last year's problems we're playing safe this year and worming the lambs earlier, rather than later. It seems to have worked with Frea and Finn who are steadily gaining weight.
This afternoon I planted out the sweetcorn, cabbage and broccoli plants and re sown some more Dwarf French bean plants, as the ones that I've planted out are not doing too well. We've had a few very cold nights and I suspect one or two ground frosts.
In 3 weeks Woolfest will be over, I'm not quite sure whether to quietly panic or have a case of mass hysteria. I've still got 5 kilos of alpaca fibre to dye and with the arrival of a parcel of 15 alpaca felt sheets, which I'm not sure if I'm going to dye them all just a few. All I do know is that they will need cutting up into smaller squares and then labelling.
Tomorrow the final 9 of last year's lambs are going to the abattoir as we've managed to sell the meat for several people's freezers. We were going to keep them until after they had been sheared, but as their fleeces are not up to the standard I need for selling, they are on there way.
Talking of fleeces, on Thursday I helped out at a neighbouring farm with the shearing, I ended up wrapping 130+ fleeces. I did manage to "snaffle" 4 fleeces into the back of my car, a Texel, a couple of Blue Faced Leicesters and a Masham. Should keep me quiet for a while!!!!

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