Sunday, 1 July 2007

Rain, Panic & Woolfest

I don't think we've had so much rain in such a short time. Monday saw Denise come home early from work and then work from home on the Tuesday because of the flooding and the effect on the rail service. Not good
There was also the last minute panic in the preparation for Woolfest, ensuring that all the fibre was packed, fleeces dry and all the other sundry bits and pieces need for running the stall Denise's was sharing with another local alpaca breeder, Sharon.
On Thursday, Denise packed the truck to the gunnel's with all the fibre and 24 sheep fleeces she was taking to Woolfest, and after lunch set off on the 3 hour drive across to Cockermouth where the festival was being held.
At Penrith, a cup of tea stop, listening to the news, the A66 into Kendal was shut, both ways. There is not a lot that can be done at this point apart from continue into Kendal. But by the time Denise & Sharon got to Kendal, the accident had been cleared and it was an easy run onto Cockermouth.
It was raining when Denise & Sharon arrived at the Auction Mart where Woolfest is held so, find the stall, set up the tables and then empty both vehicles as quickly as possible. The stall took a while to set up, but once done it was time to look round at the other stalls and it was then, we discovered that we were right opposite the biggest alpaca fibre producer in the country!!!!! We also met up with stallholder friends from last year and they too were not happy to discovered that for some reason the organisers had decided to put similar types of stall holders together!!!
The Auction Mart has a very good canteen and on the Thursday night a lot of the stallholders were in eating and drinking. Many were camping in the car park but as we were booked into the local Youth Hostel, we had to leave them to enjoy the rest of the evening.
As usual sleep on Thursday night seems not to happen, something to do with the drive over and the apprehension of the following day.
Both Friday and Saturday passed quickly, being opposite the largest alpaca fibre provider didn't seem to effect our trade, and it was good to see old and new customers. Both vehicles on the way home were much lighter, all but two of the sheep fleeces had been sold, the sales table holding the processed alpaca fibre, by lunch time on Saturday was looking very bare.
As the fibre producer we use for processing our alpaca fibre was also at the show, we gave them all our remaining raw alpaca fibre for them to take back to the processing mill. Saves on postage.
All in all a good time was had by all and we will be back next year with more fibre and hopefully some interesting alpaca tops.


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Caroline M said...

I did come and look for you at Woolfest (I read regularly and feel such a slacker when I hear all that you get up to). You were talking to a customer when I came by and I didn't get the chance to come around again as my son was starting to whine and we had to go. I couldn't have carried much more anyway so it wasn't such a great loss.